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5 Simple Steps to Use A Car Vacuum

The regular road trips and getaways with your family and friends can leave your car in disarray and smelling funky. Owning a car vacuum comes in handy especially if you’re someone who likes to keep things spic and span. I can show you some simple steps on how to vacuum your car by yourself.

1. Remove trash, personal belongings and mats

Take out all your trash and personal belongings first before you start. Shake off dirt, rocks and grass off your mats. Run your vacuum through them to make sure they’re spotless before you return them in your car. 

2. Vacuum car floor

The best place to start is your car floor. Use the wide hose attachment or nozzle when vacuuming the floor. Wider hose attachments are designed to suction dirt off a wider area effectively. 

Vacuuming under the car seats may be a bit challenging since these areas are harder to reach. Simply slide your car seats to get into these areas and use an extender so you can suction all the particles conveniently hiding in these places. 

3. Vacuum floor pedals, car seats and spaces in between the seats 

A narrower attachment is used to vacuum these areas. It is designed to effectively suction dirt and debris that are lodged in harder-to-clean places such as these. 

The car seats are more delicate so you will need to use the soft brush attachment for this task. Also use the soft brush attachment to vacuum dashboards and doors. 

Use a vinyl-protectant to clean parts of your cars with vinyl. Spray it on a towel and thoroughly wipe these areas. 

4. Vacuum the carpet and the trunk 

Don’t skip the carpet and the trunk. They too hold so much dirt and debris we know nothing of. However, If the carpet has stains, find a good carpet cleaning agent and deal with it first. You may vacuum it after the stains have been removed. 

5. Eliminate odors and clean the windows 

Use a carpet freshener for this process. But if you don’t have one, turn to your trusty baking soda for help. Simply combine half a cup of water to half a tablespoon of baking soda and you have yourself a good odor neutralizer. 

Spray the solution on your carpet and leave it to dry. Once dry, you may vacuum your carpet again if that pleases you. This will leave you a cleaner and fresher-smelling car. 

Cleaning the windows is easy. You don’t need a car vacuum for this process. All you need is a window cleaner or if you don’t have one, old newspapers will do the trick. 

As you can see, cleaning your vehicle using a car vacuum isn’t that hard at all. It pays to have one since they’re easier to use, more practical, lighter and it does the job with ease. 

Car vacuums can either be corded or wireless. Either way, both types of vacuums allow you to reach all the cracks and crannies in your car. This is a design that a regular home vacuum cannot afford you. 

Wireless car vacuums are usually more lightweight and they run on batteries. You can bring them wherever you like. 

Corded vacuums on the other hand provide that extra level of power that a battery-operated vacuum doesn't have. They have strong motors therefore giving them the ability to easily pick up dirt and debris in their paths. They are generally good for vacuuming hardwood floors, but they don't need to be isolated to just one purpose.

You don't need to have the absolute best handheld vacuum cleaner on the market, but there are things that you may want to take into consideration when choosing your car vacuum. Either way, you now have the steps you need to know when vacuuming your car so best of luck to you! 


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