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How to Install Wood Flooring Around Doors

Before you start practicing ways to maintain a wood floor around your door, you need to understand the best way to install the floor so that it is aesthetically aligned. As you look through the doorway at the finished floor, it might be easy to notice that the floorboards are perfectly aligned. Likewise, if the floor is not aligned, it will be easy to notice. Fitting the first floorboard at the door is the prudent decision to make in the planning stage.

Check that the height of the wood floor is not too high for the door. You can slide one piece of floorboard underneath the door. If there is not enough of a gap underneath the door to slide it, then the door will have to be shortened with a plane.

Even if you do not have to shorten the door, the door will have to be removed so there is sufficient room to fit the floor. To remove the door, take out the screws from the door hinges.

1. Open the door almost fully open.
2. Slide some wood under the door to take the weight of the door.
3. Remove the screws from the door hinges.
4. Carefully move the door to a safe area.

Preparing the Door Frame

Before you even begin, make sure the entire area is properly vacuumed first. The correct way to fit the wood floor is to cut off the bottom of the door frame so that the floor completely fits underneath. It would be a mistake to cut the floorboard around the door frame.

There are two ways to do this:

1. Put a piece of floorboard, which is upside down, in position next to the door frame. The reason it is upside down is, so that it does not get damaged. You want to know the height of it so that you would be able to draw a line with a pencil on the door frame to mark the height of the top of it.

The pencil is just to clarify the visualization of the concept. Instead of marking the door frame with a pencil. Take your saw and cut in to the door frame. Use the floorboard as a guide. Cut and remove the bottom of the door frame on both sides of the doorway.

2. The other option is to use an undercut power saw. Set the height of the undercut saw to the height of the board. Use the undercut power saw to cut the bottom of the door frame on both sides.

A wood floor needs an expansion gap of at least three eighths of an inch. The potential expansion of the wood floor, when it gets warm and moist, only affects the horizontal size of the wood.

Where the wood board fits underneath the door frame, it can and should be, a tight fit. Where it fits against the wall under the door frame, there should be a three eighths of an inch expansion gap between itself and the wall.

Install the Floor Boards

Install the first board into position under the door. Continue to fit tothers, end to end, to complete the rows of fitted lengths.

Next, continue fitting the rows until you reach across to the other side of the door. If the floorboard at the other side of the door does not fit perfectly, then it will need some attention.

Put it into its place. It will be sitting on top of the previous one in the adjacent row. Position the end of it where the previous one in its own row finishes. It should now be in the correct place, except it is slightly to one side away from the door frame and the wall. It is overlapping and sitting on top of the one in the adjacent row.

Use a square to mark the width of the doorway on the board. This is the width of the area that needs to be cut from it, to allow it to slide into position.

Next measure the width between the second one in the adjacent row and the wall under the door frame. This will give you the actual correct width of it when it is positioned between the wall under the door frame and the adjacent one in the next row. That is to say, the width that it needs to fit underneath the door.

Remember to allow for the three eighths of an inch expansion gap. Subtract the width it needs and its actual width, and mark the area that needs to be cut away, so that it fits under the door frame and around the doorway.

Saw along the marked lines to cut into it. To cut the connecting line at ninety degrees, you can drill some holes in a straight line. This will allow you to insert a pad saw into the drilled holes in the connecting line and cut out the piece completely. Now it will fit nicely into position.


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