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Is a Stick Vacuum Any Good For a Hardwood Floor

If the floors in your home are mostly hardwood, I’m sure you have noticed how easy it is to see the dust and debris that quickly builds up. If you would like to save on the time and effort it takes to sweep, having a stick vacuum cleaner is a quick and efficient alternative to help keep your hardwood floors looking good.

Like many others, you've probably wondered if a stick vacuum is any good for a hardwood floor. While a stick vacuum may not be able to reach into all the nooks and crannies that a broom can, using one in the areas that it can reach is a great alternative to sweeping.

Quick, Easy, Clean.

A stick vacuum can actually be more efficient in picking up debris from the places they can reach. For one thing, when you use a stick vacuum you won’t get all the dust flying in the air that you see when you sweep, and you don’t have to chase a pile of dirt around before you brush it into a dustpan.


While a broom can only be used for cleaning up your hardwood floors, a stick vacuum can serve multiple purposes. Many of them are great at picking up pet hair from shorter carpets or furniture, and they will work just as well on the linoleum floors in your kitchen and entrance areas as well as on the hardwood floors in your living rooms and bedrooms.

Simple to Store and Easy to Use (Outlets or Not)

A simple way to keep areas of your home clean that gather debris more quickly than others is to keep a stick vacuum cleaner around. You can pick up lint from your laundry room, pieces of thread from your sewing area, or dirt from your entrance way in just a couple of minutes and with minimal effort. If you don’t have outlets in these areas, there are plenty of cordless stick vacuums out there to choose from.

Popular Types of Stick Vacuum Cleaners:

As all electronics have advanced, vacuum cleaners have advanced as well. Today you can find stick vacuum cleaners of many different styles and strengths.

  • Standard: These are the simple stick vacuums with a shorter cord. They are ideal for keeping small apartments, dorm rooms, or children’s play areas tidy. They are multi-functional, working well on hard surfaces and short carpets.
  • Cordless: Ideal for homes with a minimal supply of electrical outlets, allowing you to keep one in smaller rooms for a quick clean up. Also great to bring along to a cottage or cabin so you can have a relaxing outing without getting allergies or spending a lot of time cleaning up dust with a broom.
  • High-Powered: High powered stick vacuums are the perfect hardwood vacuum especially for those of you who have pets that shed a lot of hair. These little vacuums pack a lot of power and are able to quickly pick up pet hair from furniture and short carpets as well as hardwood floors.


A broom will always be the classic, tried and true way of cleaning up dust and debris from those places that a stick vacuum just cannot reach, but a stick vacuum cleaner is absolutely a great way to keep your hardwood floors looking shiny and clean while saving you on time and effort.




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