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What Wood Floor Is Best For Kitchen?

One of the most popular choices for flooring is wood. People simply admire its timeless style and the comfort that it can bring. Wood flooring feels good on the feet even during winter or summer. However, this type is one of the most sensitive kinds of flooring. It can easily get damaged especially if located in high traffic areas such as the kitchen.

You probably already know that the number one enemy of wood floors is water or any type of liquids. In the kitchen, all sorts of liquids can get spilled. While washing the dishes, cooking, or simply serving the cooked food in the dining area, you may accidentally splash some liquids on the floor. With this problem at hand, I will teach how to choose the wood floor that is best for your kitchen and give you some pointers as well.

  1. 1. Purchase a floor with a water-base finish.

    Compared to oil-base finishes, a water-base finish is more appropriate for kitchen floors. The natural color of wood can be preserved more efficiently by a water-base finish. I highly recommend that you choose a floor with an acrylic finish because manufacturers of this type see to it that the finish will penetrate the wood and not merely touch the surface.

    2. Choose a satin or low sheen finish.

    There are different kinds of sheen finishes such as satin, semi gloss, or high gloss, but the best type for kitchen floors is satin or low-sheen finish. Unlike semi gloss or high gloss that make dirt more visible, satin can even hide the dirt. With this, it can be considered as the most advisable type for high-traffic areas.

    3. Purchase a durable type.

    For areas with high-traffic, it would be better to choose hardwood floors instead of soft wood. Hardwoods like oak and maple are more sturdy compared to soft woods like pine and birch. They are more resilient to forces and do not easily get dented.

    4. Choose a floor with a pronounced grain pattern.

    As previously mentioned, the kitchen is one of the most prone-to-dirt parts of the house. By choosing one with a pronounced grain pattern, the different types of dirt will be less visible. Oaks, especially Red Oaks, have pronounced patterns that look great.

    Additional Pieces of Advice and Maintenance Tips:

    1. Place mats or rugs - This is advisable especially on entrances in order to prevent dirt and scratches.

    2. Wipe off spilled liquids - If you are planning to use these types of floors in your kitchen, you must be ready to wipe off spilled liquids from time to time. Liquids can cause the wood material to swell so you have to immediately wipe off any liquids to avoid damage.

    3. Choose a color that blends well with the color of your kitchen - In choosing the wood color, consider the color of your appliances and your walls. Contrasting colors between floors and walls are more pleasing to the eyes.

    4. Vacuum regularly - This is advisable for any part of the house with wood floors. If you are planning to wipe your floor using a damp mop, better vacuum it first before mopping to prevent loose dirt from mixing with the liquid and leaving a sticky residue. Just make sure that you have a suitable vacuum for cleaning wood flooring.

  2. Final Words...

  3. You probably thought that wood floors can't be used as kitchen flooring. However, in this article, I was able to show you that you can in fact enjoy both of these. Just by following these simple tips and reminders, you will surely be able to preserve its beauty and use it for a long period of time.


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